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Tropic Desert [entries|friends|calendar]
Rob + Dennise

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woohoo [23 Jul 2003|03:42pm]

Ebay went great! We made close to a grand and still have one auction left!

Time is ticking by. Sometimes faster than other times, but it is steadily going away and we will be together soon.

I guess I have the same problem Dennise has, not sure what to write here yet. But I think if we just keep it up to date, that it will start to take on a flow of its own.

Until then... peace

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[20 Jul 2003|06:00pm]

Another weekend down, two more to go. I still feel like I have a ton of stuff to do before my trip to AZ. Between school and work though, I don't really have time to get to it. Looks like I'll only have one day to prepare. ACK!

Rob's eBay auction went really well this week. He made over $500 that'll go toward whatever we decide to do during my visit. I guess the left overs will just go into our account where we are saving money for my move.

I hope this week goes by quickly. Very quickly.

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[18 Jul 2003|04:22pm]

I've debated for about two weeks about what to write here. How do I start? Where do I start the story or about what's going on? Hopefully at some point in time there will be a nice flow to our journal and eventually we'll get the hang of it.

Right now, I'm taking a summer school class in World Religions. I get 4 hours free from the university since I work for them so I figured "Why not?" I was kinda burned out on computer science classes so I thought I would go back and take something on the liberal arts side. I'm glad I did.

I had a test today that went pretty well. Rob (once again) stayed up too late helping me study. He probably knows more about Shinto than he even wanted to know. I'd like to know I'm broadening his horizons more so than boring him to tears.

Thankfully, I get to go home in 10 minutes. Rob and I are ordering pizza and hanging out. Maybe I'll convince him to help me with the 10 journals I have due on Monday (please please please).

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